Online Threats and Risks

The Internet has changed over the years. Nowadays it can be a dangerous place for those who are not careful to take precautions. It is especially more dangerous for children. There are many online threats and risks. There are different types of threats. Your computer or smart device can be infected by viruses and put out of use. This can be a major setback. Sometimes you may have to buy a new device. You need to ensure you have an antivirus that will protect you from viruses, malware, unwanted adware and spyware. You also need to always have the latest versions of Internet browsers whether you use Mozilla, Google Chrome, Safari, or Opera. These browsers will warn you if you are about to go to a bad “neighborhood” i.e. a bad website which may be a trap to collect information from you or to install spyware or even a virus on your smart device. The other danger comes from social media sites.

Social Media Sites

There are so many social media sites nowadays. These include Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Snapchat, etc. Children are the ones who are very vulnerable because they are more trusting. Children have been lured by strangers who pretended to be their age into revealing details about themselves e.g. where they live and even accepting dates from those strangers. This video below tells such a story.

This little girl was saved in time. Others have not been so lucky. These dangers exist. Parents need to educate their children on the dangers lurking online.

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